In line with its mandated functions and responsibilities under Republic Act No. 9054, MMA Act No.4, Executive Order 463, and other issuances, the RPDO has the following function:

  • To evaluate proposed programs and projects for consideration by the REDPB;
  • To monitor and assess the project implementation in the ARMM;
  • To serve as the technical staff of the REDPB;
  • To provide technical assistance to implementing agencies in the ARMM in identifying and developing regional programs and projects
  • To coordinate with the regional offices, other departments and agencies and assist the LGUs in the ARMM in the performance of their assigned tasks;
  • To coordinate the implementation of foreign assisted projects in the ARMM;
  • To coordinate both foreign and local scholarship grant in the region;
  • To coordinate the formulation of Long-Term, Medium-Term and Annual Socio-Economic Development Plans and Policies at the Regional and Sub-Regional Levels;
  • To coordinate the formulation of the Medium-Term and Annual Public Investment Programs at the Regional and Sub-regional Levels to ensure the consistency of local development plans with the regional plans and priorities; and
  • To perform such other appropriate tasks as may be assigned by the REDPB and other competent authorities
  • Coordinate activities related to the review, evaluation and recommendation of project proposals intended for ODA funding for consideration of the Regional Governor as a chairman of the Board;
  • Manage and administer all locally funded and foreign assisted projects being implemented in the region in close coordination with the funding agencies or institutions;
  • Monitor and evaluate the status of ODA assisted programs and projects and submit progress report to the Regional Governor on regular basis;
  • Work closely with NEDA and DBM and other national and regional agencies in accessing ODA resources intended for ARMM; and
  • Provides input to key regional development policy proposals, which have impact on official development assistance in ARMM.