ARMM, PSA officials push for separate data survey in the region

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MANILA - Statistics on the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao topped issues taken up by officials of the region and the Philippine Statistics Authority on March 11, 2014 at the ARMM Manila Liaison Office in Makati City.

ARMM Executive Secretary Atty. Laisa M. Alamia presided over the meeting which was attended by some members of the regional cabinet, including: DENR Secretary Kahal Kedtag, RPDO Executive Director Baintan A. Ampatuan, BFAR Director Janice Musali, DPWH Assistant Secretary Don Mustapha Loong, Regional Treasurer Kanggo Umal and representatives from DA and TMS-ORG.


The Executive Secretary explained that the meeting was part of the important initiatives of the regional government to prepare the ARMM to a transition for the establishment of Bangsamoro. She said that ARMM officials are keen on appreciating how statistics are being derived and established as facts.

OIC Interim Administrator Carmelita N. Ericta presented recent data and methodologies used in generating incidences of poverty, employment and Gross Regional Domestic Product. She also clarified some of the related concerns of the ARMM officials on statistics.

More interesting to ARMM officials were major statistics that measure the region’s performance, being their essential bases in planning and decision-making.

Official appeared enthusiastic at how data were being generated to explain why the region’s statistics have remained dismal, in spite various initiatives and reforms having been undertaken in over a year of Governor Mujiv Hataman’s administration.

The meeting was concluded with future plans of coming up with an agreement between the PSA and the regional government for the conduct of special survey for ARMM.

A special survey would validate essential data and is hoped to come up with a baseline data as basis for determining the region’s performance under the current administration of RG Hataman. (MMI of RPDO-ARMM)



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