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The Office of the Interim Chief Minister through the Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA-BARMM) headed by Engr. Mohajirin T. Ali in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) represented by Ms. Rochelle Angela Yu, Head of Cotabato Sub – Office, held the 1st Planning Committees’ (PCs) Orientation and Organizational Meeting on August 27, 2019 @ Em Manor Convention Hall, Cotabato City.

The activity was attended by 133 participants of 41 ministries/line agencies and offices of BARMM.

It was graced by BARMM Interim Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim emphasizing in his message the overall goal of the BARMM government “…upliftment of the lives of the Bangsamoro and sustainable development through Moral Governance”.

“No one should be left behind in our governance. Not the upliftment of only few but of all. This must be felt by the majority of our people. Otherwise, if nothing happens in their lives, we can never claim success.” he said

Interim Chief Minister Murad also emphasized that he is aware of the existing development plans in the BARMM. He stressed that once these plans are merged together to complement each other, it could be an effective and comprehensive guide to the development of the Bangsamoro homeland and the realization of the Bangsamoro people’s dreams and aspiration. “This is a serious undertaking which I hope you will devote time and focus mind to achieve your noble task. Let us work hard with dedication. With our collective efforts, Insha Allah, we will achieve our goal. “

This PCs Orientation and Organizational Meeting was the initial assembly held to come up with the 1st Bangsamoro Regional Development Plan (BRDP) 2020 – 2022. The activity provided venue for the five Planning Committees (PCs) such as a) Development Administration Planning Committee, b) Peace, Order and Safety Planning Committee, c) Social Development Planning Committee, d) Economic Development Planning Committee and e) Infrastructure Planning Committee to discuss the preparatory activities for the formulation of the 1st BRDP 2020-2022. As emphasized, the plan formulation process will involve series of meetings, workshops and consultations with the participation of development partners at the national, regional, provincial and local levels.

After the thorough discussion during PCs meeting, the Planning Committees’ were able to level-off and present their agreements and recommendations on the PCs composition, roles and responsibilities, BRDP title and outline, timelines and other matters.

Ms. Ma. Victoria “Mags” Z. Maglana served as the overall facilitator for this activity and for the series of succeeding planning activities of the BPDA-BARMM for the formulation of the BRDP, 2020-2022 and its accompanying documents the Results Matrix and the Bangsamoro Regional Investment Program.

In his closing statement, Engr. Mohajirin T. Ali emphasized that the activity was important for setting the tone for the formulation of the 1st Bangsamoro Plan and its accompanying documents the Results Matrix and Bangsamoro Investment Program. The 1st BRDP, he said will outline the development thrusts and direction of the BARMM in the next three years 2020-2022. This plan shall be the basis for the identification of priority programs and projects to be pursued by the BARMM. He also expressed his thanks for the active participation of ministries, line agencies and offices and for the support of the UNFPA in this activity. The overall activity was a success proving that the PCs are all set to start the formulation of the First Bangsamoro Plan of the BARMM.


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