Roles and Responsibilities

PMC Secretariat

  • Prepares a Work and Financial Plan to cover the activities of the ARMM regional PMC’s.
  • Prepares the monitoring program to be undertaken by the PMCs during any given fiscal year, which will include, among others, the list of projects and schedule of implementation.
  • Facilitate desk and field monitoring and evaluation of projects implementation in the five provinces of the ARMM.

PROJECT IMPLEMENTORS (ARMM Line Agencies, Non-financial Government Owned/Controlled Corporations, State Colleges and Universities and Local Government Units)

  • Submit list of projects for implementation during the year using suggested initial report forms;
  • Submit periodic reports to the monitoring committee on the status of project implementation based on suggested reporting forms;
  • Provide authorized monitors (PMC members) assistance in getting access to more detailed information on project implementation ( e.g. detailed work program); and
  • Implement/institute remedial measures on problems/issues identified as suggested by the REDPB.